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Ned Tesic

Head Of Marketing | Sydney Markets Limited

Recent Posts

3 Tips for Succeeding at the Markets

We know markets. We practically wrote the book on it. So we can help you get started selling in this environment.
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How Trends Can Help Traders Win Business

Identifying trends is a great way to pick new products to range and sell at Paddy's Markets - or anywhere for that matter. here are three for you to consider if you are a foodie, fashionite, or homie. 
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Three Tips for Online Retailers Selling at the Markets

Online retailers stand to sell more, to more people, more often, when they engage with customers using multiple channels. Hello Paddy's.
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Pop Up Store or Stall at Paddy’s Market

The question is do you pop-up store or grab a stall? The answer is - the one that lets you focus on selling.  
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3 Lessons From Great Business Leaders

These days, businesses must compete for customers attention and learn quickly to solve customers needs. Learning means adapting and adapting gives you a competitive advantage.
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Is Your Business Ready To Sell at Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets?

Did you read the ‘Choose your own adventure’ books as a kid? The premise was that at each step of the journey, you get to call the shots and the outcome is based on the decisions you made along the way.
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4 Reasons Why Paddy’s Markets Is Good for Your Business

Successful businesses have one thing in common – customers who love their product or service.
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5 Types of Businesses That Do Very Well at the Markets

78% of people visiting Paddy's Markets said they were interested in trying new products.
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10 Things We Know About Your Customers at Paddy’s Haymarket

88% of customers rated their experience at Paddy’s as good or very good. That's a great start. Here's nine more insights that can help you plan your stall at Paddy's. 
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Committed to Community

Understanding the community of which you are a part will authentically link you to your customer. Selling at Paddy's helps too. 
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