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Which Market?

Download the Consumer Profiling Report

Download the report for each market

Paddy's Markets Consumer Profiling ReportPaddy's Markets provides our traders with many options including location with a choice between Haymarket in the city, or Flemington in the centre of Greater Sydney. Or, you may decide to trade at both markets.  

To help you decide, we suggest you complete the form on this page to download the Customer profiling Report for both markets. This will help you understand the typical customer at each market - and perhaps help you decide which one best suits you and your business.

You can also attach a picture of your products should you wish to discuss your options with our team.

Fast Facts

Here are just a few fast facts to help you begin to understand the differences, and similarities, between the shoppers at each market:

  • Males and females are fairly evenly represented at both markets with a slight bias towards females as per most general shopping environments.

  • Haymarket attracts a younger audience than Flemington with just 32% being over 50 years old and 39% being aged 15-29 years old compared to 17% being 15-29 and 40% over 50 years old at Flemington.

  • Haymarket attracts far more tourists with 24% or 1 in 4 shoppers living overseas compared to just 2% living overseas at Flemington.

  • Both markets reflect the Australian ethnic diversity with Flemington slightly more based on 2/3 speaking a language other than English at home compared to half at Haymarket.

  • Both markets split the appeal between local and those from further afield with about 50% of locals living within 10km of the markets - leaving the other 50% residing beyond 10km of the markets. 

  • Shoppers spend more per person at Flemington with the average shopper spending $113 while the average spend at Haymarket is $48.

  • Shopper spend longer at Flemington too with 60% browsing for longer than one hour with 53% browsing for more than 30 minutes at Haymarket. The high volume at Haymarket tend to arrive and move through quicker.
  • About 1 in 3 are shopping by themselves at moth markets.
  • 9 in 10 have shopped at the market before, while 7 in 10 have shopped before at Flemington and only 50% at Haymarket (this would be due to the higher percentage of overseas shoppers). 

Remember also that each market is different in terms of set-up and options. For example, a stall at Haymarket allows to set up once and keep your stock there between days, while Flemington offers alternate market types such as food, antiques, Saturday markets and more. 

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