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FAQs - Night Food Markets

Everything you need to know to have a great trading night.

What are the public opening hours?

The public are allowed to enter the market from 6:00pm - 10:00pm (although be aware that some people do start arriving a little earlier).

Do I need to bring my own marquee, tables, banners, power, payment devices, chairs etc?


As a market, Paddy's Markets provides the space, lights, security, cleaning staff, and thousands of customers who will likely visit the market.

This means that you as a market trader need to provide everything else you need on the night to promote your business and trade.

This includes:

  • a generator should you require power
  • power cables as you may need from your generator
  • tables and any product displays
  • your portable payment device
  • your device for handling cash
  • marquee and signage
  • any vertical banners you may wish to use to attract attention and promote your brand, plus
  • any  chairs or stools you may wish to use (although we do advise that you as the stall holder remain active and available as customers walk by your stall). 

What time do we arrive to set up?

Food Traders - Between 4:00pm - 4:30pm

Food traders should arrive between 4:00pm - 4:30pm to set up their truck or stand. This allows time to be allocated your space, get into the space, start your meal prep as required, set up your promotional banners, meet the people on either side of you, and generally settle into the market. 

General Merchandise Traders - Between 4:30pm - 5:00pm

General goods traders should arrive between 4:30pm - 5:00pm to set up their stand. This allows time to be allocated your space, set up in your space, set up your product displays and promotional banners, meet the people on either side of you, and generally settle into the market. 

Are pets allowed at Paddy's Night Food Markets?


Pets are not allowed at Paddy's Night Food Markets with the exception of Guide Dogs for the visually impaired or official Assistant Dogs.







Is alcohol allowed on-site on the night?


This is an alcohol-free zone for a fantastic family friendly environment on the night.  Patrons truly are generally respectful, orderly, clean and there to have plenty of food and fun. 

How many other vendors will be at the Night Food Markets?

The Night Food Markets are growing post covid lockdowns. So please get in quick if you are thinking of attending. 

We will expand the offering to cater for as many people as we can - however we are limited by space and the need to ensure those vendors who do attend have an opportunity to return a healthy profit on the night.

Therefore, we will be limiting the number of offerings in each category depending on a range of factors. So please get in quick. 

Complete the form on this page now.

How do I pay for the Paddy's Night Food Markets?

Once you complete the form to register your interest, and we approve your attendance, you will receive an email with a link to an online quote. 

You must use this link to pay online for the stall fee prior to the final cut-off date for the night (typically at least a fortnight prior to the event).  

You will then receive a receipt of payment via email that you should take on the night in case you need to verify your payment with one of our market managers. 

This will avoid the need to pay on the night - and allow you to focus on your success at the Paddy's Night Food Market. 

What size are the spaces at Paddy's Night Food Markets?

There is plenty of under-cover space at the Paddy's Night Food Market.

Therefore, the space allocated to you is as large as you need to trade using one marquee, or one truck/trailer.

You'll have the space you need within reason to move around your truck or stall, manage stock, and have a queue of customers form out front. 

The market fees cater for standard size spaces (approximately 3 metres wide) and larger spaces (6+ metres wide).

We work on a honour system when you book. Therefore, if you pay for 3m and we find you are significantly larger on the night, then the market reserves the right to send another invoice post-event for payment of the additional fee component.


How do I choose my space?

The Market Manager on the night will allocate a space to you while making every effort to position you in a great spot for you - and the market. 

Please be aware of other traders and understand that all spaces at the Night Food Markets are effective. 

Can I book two spaces?


You can book two spaces either together or apart. If you are hoping to have them together, then given potential space restrictions on the night, it is best if you book as soon as possible.

Where do I park, and how much is it?

Parking on-site is free.

Food trucks will park in situ.

Other vendors will park either behind their stand pending their location, or move their vehicles up into the car park levels well prior to the event opening to the public.

See our market manager on the night should you have any questions at that time.

How do I get power on the night?

The venue is well lit from above. 

However, you must provide your own electrical power for cooking, cooling or product displays, on the night using a generator as you require.


How do I unload and setup?

You can move your car VERY SLOWLY to the market entrances and unload prior to the opening of the market, and then remove the car to the carpark immediately.
We expect you as a trader to be vigilant, careful and extremely professional and aware of other people as you go about your business.

Will the car show be there on the night?


We are very pleased to confirm that the car show will be held on the night pending weather. 

This show is great fun with fantastic cars and motorcycles old and new. It brings a large hungry crowd that wants to be fed on the night - and often with friends who want to shop as well.

There's also generally a jumping castle for the kids and plenty of music for a great atmosphere. 


Are there any specific requirements for selling food on the night?


All food trucks and stallholders need to compile and submit the following to us before we can book you in: 

  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate - see more at www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/retail/fss-food-safety-supervisors
  • Public Liability Insurance (perhaps search "public liability insurance to trade at markets in NSW" for a range of providers)
  • Social Media Page/s (the link to your Facebook or Instagram pages)
  • Short Overview of your business (quick paragraph that describes your business and food)
  • Food Menu (the selection of food items that you will sell at the markets)
  • Council Approval – Strathfield Council – you can call them on (02) 9748 9999

Do Paddy's Markets engage entertainers?


If you are an entertainer or provide an experience/performance, then you need to discuss further details with our retail team regarding times, space, locations, type of performance, joint promotions etc.

We welcome your enquiry and are always looking for interesting performers including professionals, education-based presentations, and school or specific dance/singing groups.

Can I take photos or video on the night?

Any filming or photography at the market requires a permit and application. Please contact the office to obtain this information. It usually takes approximately 72 hours for the permit application to be reviewed and approved.

How do I lodge a compaint?

How can I trade at the standard daytime Paddy's Markets?

You can apply to become a daytime trading stall holder at either Haymarket or Flemington Paddy's Markets by completing an enquiry form on the Become a Stallholder page.

Once a stall holder application has been submitted, our team will contact you in 2-5 working days.

What are the fees?

Please click to the information page for fee details. 


Right to reject vendor applications (even if paid)

At Paddy's Markets, we reserve the right to decline any vendor application, even if payment has been made, 7 days or more prior to the event.

Our goal is to confirm the final list of approved vendors no later than 7 days before the event, understanding that vendors need time to finalise their staffing and food orders.

We make a promise to all vendors to limit the number of vendors within each category. However, in cases where we have sent quotes to multiple vendors who have paid, we must allocate spots based on the order of payment (so we encourage prompt payment).

In these situations, we often offer priority to the vendor who missed out on a previous market night for another night, granting them the opportunity to participate on another occasion. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that all vendors within each category have the chance to share market nights going forward. We have successfully achieved this with vendors in various categories.