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When are the markets open?

Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 6pm
Market City, Haymarket, Sydney City

Friday - 10am - 4:30pm
Saturday - 6am - 2:00pm
Sunday - 9am - 4:30pm

Parking available on-site

What are the fees at Paddy's Markets?


Located within the famous Sydney Markets precinct at Flemington, Paddy's Markets is a great place for retailers of all types to come and grow their businesses. Here are a few highlights:

  • low-cost fees
  • stalls are available every Friday and Sunday
  • tens of thousands of shoppers every week
  • free on-site parking for traders and shoppers
  • predictable undercover all-weather trading
  • plenty of support on the day from our markets crew.
Friday Markets Ex GST
Food Truck / Trailer $275
Food Retailer (Packaged Take-Home) $80
Retail Stallholders (Approved Goods / Services)  $80
Saturday - Swap n Sell*  
Retail Stallholders (Approved Goods / Services)  $115
* Limited spaces available  
Sunday Markets  
Retail Stallholders (Approved Goods / Services) 





Paddy's Haymarket offers: 

  • one of the lowest-cost retail rents in the Sydney CBD
  • thousands of potential customers every day 
  • flexible rental arrangements so you can test the markets and make sure it works before committing any further (rent for just one day if you wish - although we do recommend at least 3-4 weeks to establish a presence so customers know you are here)
  • assistance from our experienced team to help you get started and then make the most of your experience.

Stall fees for Paddy's Markets Haymarket are: 

Market Inc GST
Wednesday $88.35
Thursday $123.75
Friday $123.75
Saturday $158.95
Sunday $158.95



What is the address for both Paddy's Markets Flemington and Haymarket?

Paddy's Market Flemington

Building D
250/318 Parramatta Rd
Homebush West NSW 2140


Paddy's Market Haymarket

Hay Street and Thomas Street
Market City
Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000

Can I hire tables and equipment from Paddy's Markets?

No. Paddy's Markets does not hire equipment any longer. Therefore it is important that you bring your own tables, tablecloth or sheet, banners, posters or marketing material, something to display your merchandise, a device to accept payment, and cash/spare change if you accept cash.

See the next question for details and recommendations.

What are the ten things to bring on the day?

Paddy's Markets provides the space and the many thousands of potential customers for our traders. You as a trader need to bring the equipment you need for your stall, such as:

1. Table
Bring a table or some form of fold-up furniture with which to mark out your stall area and display your products or marketing materials. These are available everywhere from large office furniture retailers, to hardware stores and online providers to name a few. Consider bringing at least two so can use one at the front of your store, and one at the back, or create an L-shape depending on the space you are nominated on the day.

2. Tablecloth or sheet 
Consider bringing a tablecloth or sheet as you'll want to hide the surface of the table you are selling on. Try to get a colour that best suits your brand. 

3. Banners, posters and other marketing materials 
You want to make sure you stand out in a cluttered market, as well as provide people with something to take home that will remind them of your brand and product offering, as well as your Instagram and Facebook pages, and/or website.

So bring all the banners, posters and marketing material you want. Teardrop banners and pull-up floor banners work really well.

You may also consider bringing a 3-metre-wide pull-up wall banner with your logo and website domain on it - or other brand-based imagery - on it to create a wall effect at the back of your stand. These are not cheap though (probably $250+), however, are an excellent option for serious businesses. Contact any printer or google "Pull-Up Wall banner" for supplier option.

All of this will help you generate attention, and visually improve the look of your stall, to improve the perception of your professionalism, and allow customers to understand immediately what you are about and what you are selling, encourage trust and credibility in your brand, and provide great opportunities to get images for social media.

4. Tape, Blu-Tak cable ties, scissors
Tape, cable ties and scissors are among some of the small accessories that you should bring with you whenever you are doing a stall. There will always be times when you wish to prop something up, cut something or stick an item somewhere, so having these to hand is always useful. 

5. Business cards / Flyers
The trusty business card is still one of the best ways to help promote your brand. Make sure it has your digital properties printed on it too - especially your website, Facebook and Instagram. This is great for online businesses to promote their online store, plus every now and then you might also meet someone who may be a great supply or distribution partner for your business too.

6. Product Displayers
Beyond just a sheet, you'll want to bring something upon which you can display your products. These are called Retail Displays. That might be stands, portable shelving, clothes hangers, and more.

Google retail displays, find what might be best to display your products, and then purchase the necessary items well ahead of the event so you can be sure - and comfortable setting them up. 

Remember that you only have a split second to catch the attention, so make the best of that moment with great marketing materials and displays.

7. A mirror
Don’t forget to bring a mirror if you're selling anything a customer will want to try on. This is so often forgotten, and it can become awkward when customers who wish to view themselves have to walk to another seller’s stand. 

8. A card reader 
Everyone carries cards nowadays, not everyone still carries cash. A card reader is therefore essential. They don't cost much and are really simple to set up. Simply google "Retail Card Reader", and you will be presented with many options including Square, SmartPay and many others. 

9. Cash and spare change 
With the above being said, this doesn’t mean that cash is dead. Many people still prefer to pay with cash. Therefore, consider bringing some so you can offer change from the start of the day,

10. Bring a chair
While we encourage you to stay standing and active for the entire market time (it looks better for your brand and ensures you keep selling), you or a colleague may get tired and need to sit for a moment. It can be a long day and become tiring if you're not used to being on your feet that long.

Are Paddy's Markets open on Public Holidays?

Yes. The markets are open on all Public Holidays except Christmas Day.

Are pets allowed at Paddy's markets?

Pets are not allowed at either location, with the exception of Guide Dogs for the visually impaired or Assistant Dogs.

What time should I arrive to set up at the markets?

We recommend that you arrive at the markets 1-1.5 hours prior to the opening of the market. 

How do I pay and trade for the day?

It's Easy to Trade at Paddy's Markets Flemington
  • Choose to trade any day/s you wish (Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday)
  • You do not have to book
  • Simply turn up on the day 1-1.5 hours prior to market opening time
  • Head to the Markets Office in Building D
  • Building D is the main large Paddy's Markets shed
  • Let the team there know you want to trade that day
  • Pay the fee for the day only
  • The team there will then place you into a position within the market
  • Set up your tables, marquee, stock, displays, banners etc
  • Start selling to the many customers who arrive every day


What size are the spaces at Paddy's Markets?

Generally, the spaces at Flemington are 2.7m x 4.1m and Haymarket 2.1m x 2.7m.

The Swap and Sell Market spaces are a car space being 2.4m x 3.5m.


How do I choose my space?

We recommend that you visit the markets the week before you get started to get an idea of which space is available on your day and which space you would prefer.

Then, you need to turn up on the day and set up on that space (or nearby as may be the case) before the markets open.

If you have any problems, then see the staff on-site (security staff at the loading dock at Haymarket and our staff in the Market Office in Building D at Flemington).

Please be aware of other traders and understand that all spaces at the markets are effective. It's also a good idea to connect to other traders as you can work together to refer customers to each other and support each other's endeavours - and have a great day.

Can I book two spaces?

Yes. You can book two spaces either together or apart. If you are hoping to have them together, then given space restrictions on certain days, you will need to arrive earlier at the markets on the day to claim the space or connect with the market's staff for assistance.

Where do I park, and how much is it?

Parking at Flemington is free.

Haymarket stall holders park downstairs and receive a discount on their all-day parking. Please check with the security staff (or even ask another experienced stallholder) if you are unsure.

How do I unload and setup?

For Haymarket, if you are on your first day, or choose to take your stock home, then you will need to take your stock and stands up to the markets prior to the opening of course and from the car park.
For Flemington, you can move your car VERY SLOWLY to the market entrances and unload prior to the opening of the market, and then remove the car to the carpark immediately. We expect you as a trader to be vigilant, careful and extremely professional and aware of other people as you go about your business.


Can I store my stock at Haymarket markets?

Yes. We have lockable stands available and security on site 24/7 if you wish to keep your stock at the markets overnight.

Do I need Public Liability insurance?

We advise you have at least $10M in public liability insurance.

Are there any specific requirements for food retailers?

Yes. If you are selling takeaway food to eat immediately, then you need to compile and submit the following to us via return email:

  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate - see more at www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/retail/fss-food-safety-supervisors
  • Public Liability Insurance (perhaps search "public liability insurance to trade at markets in nsw" for a range of providers)
  • Social Media Page/s (the link to your Facebook or Instagram pages)
  • Short Overview of your business (quick paragraph that describes your business and food)
  • Food Menu (the selection of food items that you will sell at the markets)
  • Council Approval – Strathfield Council – you can call them on (02) 9748 9999

Do Paddy's Markets engage entertainers?

Yes. If you are an entertainer or provide an experience/performance, then you need to discuss further details with our retail team regarding times, space, locations, type of performance, joint promotions etc.

We welcome your enquiry and are always looking for interesting performers including professionals, education-based presentations, and school or specific dance/singing groups.

What are the standard fees for Paddy's Markets?

Flemington Fees

Market Including GST
Friday Market - Foodie Friday $84.15
Friday Market - Inside $84.15
Friday Market - Inside Fruit and Veg $85.27
Friday Market - Outside Fruit and Veg $85.27
Saturday - Fresh Food Inside $129.03
Saturday - Fresh Food Monthly Casual $129.03
Saturday - Swap and Sell (Undercover) $121.18
Sunday Market - Inside


Sunday Market - Outside



Haymarket Fees

Market Including GST
Wednesday Market - Regular $78.54
Wednesday Market - Fruit and Veg $78.54
Wednesday Market - Fish / Deli $78.54
Thursday Market - Regular $112.20
Thursday Market - Fruit and Veg $112.20
Thursday Market - Fish / Deli $112.20
Friday Market - Regular $112.20
Friday Market - Fruit and Veg $112.20
Friday Market - Fish / Deli $112.20
Saturday Market - Regular $143.62
Saturday Market - Fruit and Veg $154.84
Saturday Market - Fish / Deli $154.84
Sunday Market - Regular $143.62
Sunday Market - Fruit and Veg $154.84
Sunday Market - Fish / Deli $154.84


Can I take photos or video at the markets?

Any filming or photography at the market requires a permit and application. Please contact the office to obtain this information. It usually takes approximately 72 hours for the permit application to be reviewed and approved.

How do I lodge a compaint?

How can I become a trader at Paddy's Markets?

You can apply to become a trading stallholder at Paddy's Markets by completing an enquiry form on the Become a Stallholder page.

Once a stallholder application has been submitted, our team will contact you in 1-2 working days.

What goods are prohibited to sell at the markets?

Paddy's Markets does not allow the following products to be sold at the markets:

  • Drugs, drug literature (including clothing that depicts drug messages or scenes) or items intended for the administration or drugs
  • Firearms, ammunition or other prohibited weapons and implements
  • Knives
  • Fireworks
  • Goods or merchandise that cannot be sold by law
  • Goods or merchandise that infringes any copyright, trademark or design
  • Indecent or obscene items or publications
  • Laser pointers
  • Liquor
  • Any souvenirs or Australian related merchandise
  • Pirated audio or video cassettes, compact discs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, computer games, computer software, etc. and “R4 Cards” and similar devices
  • Tobacco Products (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco, pipes, lighters and other smoking-related goods) - sale prohibited under the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008
Paddys Markets Flemington