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Paddy's Markets | Flemington Sunday

Become a stall holder at Paddy's Markets Flemington Sundays

Paddy's Markets Flemington on a Sunday is a great way for businesses both old and new to their products and services to people who have the time to chat and consider your offers while in a weekend frame of mind.

This market is extremely popular and a great way to really kick your business into a higher gear. Complete the form on this page for a consultant to contact you - and discuss any openings that may exist - or at least get your business the waiting list.

Paddy's Markets Flemington on a Sunday is in iconic Australian institution trusted and loved by Aussie families for generations. As Australia's largest and longest running market, Sunday's are special as family day.

With 125 years experience, Paddy's knows what families are looking for on a Sunday and offers plenty of affordable and diverse options for food, fun, experiences and shopping. With lots of free parking it is an easy destination that offers something for everyone.

Paddy's Markets Flemington Sunday offers:

  • thousands of potential customers
  • relaxed yet busy weekend atmosphere
  • access to a weekend market destination shopping
  • assistance from our experienced team to help you get started and then make the most of your experience.

Submit the enquiry form

Complete the enquiry form if you're serious about growing your business, and one of our friendly consultants will contact you to answer any questions you may have - and help you get started if you feel trading at Paddy's Markets Flemington on a Sunday is right for you.

Complete the enquiry form and a consultant will contact you.

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