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Haymarket Fees

Book a store at Paddy's Markets Haymarket

Sydney's Market

Paddy's Markets at Haymarket has been an iconic venue in Sydney for over 125 years. It has all types of stall holders selling all types of products and services including delicious food from around the world, cool and contemporary fashion, gifts and homewares, sports wear and equipment, interesting gadgets, artist services, boutique items, and much more in a genuine market atmosphere. 

It's busy, energised and loads of fun under cover for comfort whether it's raining, hot or windy outside. This also gives our traders predictability - the markets are on every day. 

There are hundreds of stall holders and thousands of customers who come from far and wide with money in hand. The area is a destination shopping experience for locals, people from the Sydney suburbs, and tourists from overseas and other parts of Australia. 

Paddy's Haymarket offers: 

  • one of the lowest cost retail rents in the Sydney CBD
  • thousands of potential customers every day 
  • flexible rental arrangements so you can test the markets and make sure it works before committing any further
  • assistance from our experienced team to help you get started and then make the most of your experience.

Paddy's Markets Haymarket
Paddy's Market Haymarket Entrance

Casual Rates

  • Paddy's Markets at Haymarket is open five days per week (Wednesday - Sunday)
  • Opening hours each day are 10:00am - 6:00pm.
  • Located at Market City, Hay Street Sydney
  • Note: Paddy's Markets reserves the right to change the fees below at any time and without notice 

Market Including GST
Wednesday Market - Regular $78.54
Wednesday Market - Fruit and Veg $78.54
Wednesday Market - Fish / Deli $78.54
Thursday Market - Regular $112.20
Thursday Market - Fruit and Veg $112.20
Thursday Market - Fish / Deli $112.20
Friday Market - Regular $112.20
Friday Market - Fruit and Veg $112.20
Friday Market - Fish / Deli $112.20
Saturday Market - Regular $143.62
Saturday Market - Fruit and Veg $154.84
Saturday Market - Fish / Deli $154.84
Sunday Market - Regular $143.62
Sunday Market - Fruit and Veg $154.84
Sunday Market - Fish / Deli $154.84


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Haymarket Markets

Paddy's Markets Haymarket is a bustling market in the heart of the city of Sydney. Located next to Chinatown, Paddy's Haymarket offers a variety of lunchtime take away or eat-in food options that keep customers coming back for more.

Paddy’s Haymarket is for the curious of mind and those who are budget conscious. It operates like a traditional market and offers imported and local women’s fashion, kids clothes, hair accessories, jewellery as well as gifts, souvenirs, gadgets, and lots more.

For food lovers, Paddy’s Haymarket is the place to be for fresh fruit and vegetables. The markets at Haymarket has been the home for growers and producers for over a century. Come and try it for yourself!

For seafood lovers there is plenty of fresh fish, prawns and the best catch of the day. Paddy’s is a market that has something for everyone and even a library of music, art and books to enjoy.

You can see the stall locations in the image. While we make every effort to locate your business in your preferred general area - we can't guarantee any position.

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