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Paddy's Markets
Flemington Sundays

Book a stall for Paddy's Markets at Flemington on Fridays and/or Sundays. 
Thousands of customers every week. 

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Paddy's Flemington
Night Food Markets

First Saturday Night Every Month.
All Weather. Thousands of people every month.
The market for Food Trucks, Trailers and Marquees. 


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Paddy's Markets
Haymarket in the CBD

Sell in a CBD location. Wednesday-Sunday.
Perfect for retailers getting serious about their business. 

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Get your business moving at Paddy's Markets.

Paddy's Markets is a great place for you to grow your business with all-weather venues at both Flemington and Haymarket, low fees, social media promotion, and thousands of shoppers every single day. 

Explore this website designed for traders like you. Discover opportunities, and then register your interest using any one of the forms across the site. Our dedicated Casual Trader Team will promptly reach out, address any queries, and book you in should you want to go ahead - even if just for a trial day.


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Here are your options.

Paddy's Markets provides traders (both newbies and highly experienced stallholders) with a range of options when it comes to booking a stall and getting their business growing.

Firstly, you can choose whether you want to trade at our Flemington property within Sydney Markets in the centre of Greater Sydney, or at our Haymarket property within Market City in the Sydney CBD. Then select your day to suit your availability, type of business, and existing space opportunities. 


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  • Flemington Friday
  • Flemington Saturday
  • Flemington Saturday Night Food Market
  • Flemington Sundays
  • Haymarket (Wednesday - Sunday)

Great time to build your business on Fridays at Flemington.

Paddy's Markets Flemington on a Friday is a huge fresh food market with thousands of people arriving every week. Now you have an opportunity to sell to them.

We're opening up space to a range of quality retailers selling gifts, homewares, fashion, take-home food brands, and other interesting options, as well as a select number of professional food trucks.

Is that you? This is Sydney's largest weekday market. Don't miss the opportunity. Click the button below for more and to register your interest.


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Paddy's operates at two locations

As we outlined above, Paddy's Markets boasts not one, but two fantastic locations - Flemington and Haymarket. Get ready to explore both vibrant markets below.




Paddy's Markets at Flemington is an all-weather market open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, conveniently located in the centre of Greater Sydney adjacent to Flemington train station and convenient on-site parking for those arriving by car.


Paddy's Markets at Flemington on Friday

Combines the busy fresh food market with the Paddy's Foodie Friday market including a small selection of interesting Food Trucks, take-home packaged food brands, and all types of retailers looking for a weekday market to grow their business.

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Paddy's Markets at Flemington on Saturday

Brings tens of thousands of people looking for fresh flowers as well as the fresh fruit and vegetable market. It also incorporates the Retail market open to market retailers of gifts, homewares, fashion, and more whether new or seconds. This is a wonderful undercover market that is now opened up to all market stallholders.

Register your interest here.


Paddy's Night Food Market

Operates the first Saturday Night of every month and is open to all types of food trucks, trailers, and marquees, along with a range of retail stallholders, artists, and entertainers. It's a busy night undercover with up to 5-8,000 people not attending in a 4-hour window.

See more here.


Paddy's Markets at Flemington on Sunday 

Is a classic Paddy's Markets day attracting many thousands of shoppers every week and open to all types of retailers, take-home packaged food brands, artists, service providers, promoters, and more. This market is not open to food trucks, trailers, or marquees.

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Paddy's Markets Flemington


Paddy's Markets at Haymarket is a permanent market within Sydney's Market City at the south end of the CBD. It's open Wednesday-Sunday every week of the year.

This market provides all types of stallholders with a CBD-based location and a steady flow of customers every week. We currently have a small number of spaces available to traders looking to trade every day every week for at least 6 weeks at a time.


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See Paddy's Markets in action at Flemington


Try Sunday at Paddy's Markets Flemington

It might be time for you to stop mucking around at those ad-hoc suburban markets on a Sunday, and establish yourself with a consistent presence every week at Paddy's Markets Flemington, an iconic market destination for people from across Sydney.

With convenient parking available for all visitors, you can be sure we'll attract a minimum of ten thousand shoppers every week to walk by your stall on a Sunday.

We'll also amplify your business by promoting your business and products on our Instagram platform to captivate the interest of thousands of followers wanting to know more about your brand and offering at the markets each week.

So book a stall now to start making more money on the weekend by taking space at Paddy's Markets Flemington on a Sunday.


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Flemingtonn Sundays

Our Paddy's Night Food Market is Booming

The Paddy's Night Food Markets, held the first Saturday NIght of every month, is proving to be a fantastic opportunity for food trucks, trailers and pop-up marquee vendors to build the profile of their business and often make a great profit on the night.

Click the button below for more information and to register your interest so we can consider your application


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Sell more this Christmas by taking a stall at Paddy's Markets

Sell to tens of thousands of shoppers at Paddy's Markets Flemington every Friday and Sunday this Christmas.

Consider booking every Friday and Sunday through November and December to Christmas at Paddy's Markets Flemington.  See more information and register your interest using the form at the link below.


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Happy group of women Christmas shopping at the mall

Looking for more customers as we move into the Spring selling season for 2024?

Look no further than Paddy's Markets, the premier markets organisation in Sydney. With the potential to reach over 25,000 enthusiastic shoppers every week, Paddy's Markets offers the perfect platform for your business to thrive with a consistent location for your customers every week, great support to the online part of your business, safe family-friendly environment, great-value fees, and high foot traffic.

So act now to secure a stall at either Flemington or Haymarket and watch your business flourish as we approach the end of 2024. Inquire now and take your business to new heights.

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Market Choice

Choose the market that best suits you between Haymarket (Sydney CBD) and Flemington (centre of Sydney), or both.

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25,000 Shoppers

Over 25K shoppers every week across both markets gives you ample opportunity to boost your sales at the markets. 

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Covered For All Weather

Under cover markets ensure you and our visitors know we're open and on pretty much whatever the weather conditions. 

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Theme days are a great way to make sure you're in the right place at the right time. Stay tuned for these through 2020. 

Watch the video and get your business growing.

Stallholders at Paddy's Markets comprise all types of businesses selling all types of products and services. Enquire now.

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Why Sell at Paddy's?

Here's why you sell your products and services at Paddy's Markets

You haven't been to market until you've been to Paddy's. That's because Paddy's Markets are Sydney's largest markets, appeal to all types of people across all types of markets, and put your business in front of thousands of shoppers:   

  • Over 25,000 people per week across our markets
  • Lowest retail cost in the city (Haymarket)
  • Multiple market opportunities to choose from
  • A range of market themes from which to choose
  • Low business risk so you can test the opportunity 
  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Sell among other quality businesses
  • All types of product and service categories
  • Perfect for small and large business
  • Retailers, online, wholesales and manufacturers
  • Artison and boutique brands 
  • A great team to help you get started

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Flemington Markets on a Sunday.

Flemington on a Sunday is packed with all types of shoppers buying all types of things. Families, friends, couple and singles. They're all out looking for something unique. Enquire now and get a great spot. No obligation. Just enquire.

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Get a Flash Trash Stall at Swap & Sell Markets | Paddy's Flemington every Saturday

Flash Trash Stalls
Swap & Sell Markets

Your trash might be another person's treasure. So forget Gumtree and Facebook, and book a Flash Trash stall inside the Swap & Sell market at Paddy's Flemington any Saturday of the year to turn your stuff into cash same day.

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Clearance Sale Fridays

Sell your excess stock by booking a pop-up stall at Paddy's Markets Clearance Sale Fridays every Friday at Flemington.

  • A market within a market
  • Casual pop-up stalls
  • Roof cover for all weather
  • One of Sydney's largest markets
  • Convenient on-site parking
  • Located in the centre of great Sydney

Click to Clearance Sale Fridays

Looking to expand your food retail business?

Consider a stand or two at Paddy's Haymarket

Sydney Markets Limited currently has up to 10 stands for sales in the ultra-busy Paddy's Markets at Haymarket. With up to 25,000 people attending these markets every week, it's a great opportunity for you simply set up business, and we'll bring the customers. Perfect for anyone already in the food trade. High growth precinct between Chinatown and Darling Square. 


Take your product to the people

Paddy's markets provides an excellent way to take your product to the people and really understand who you are and what your brand means.

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Talk to one of our consultants 

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Paddy's Markets provide a range of of options from location, to days, to position. 


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