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Paddy's | Flash Trash Stalls

Book a Flash Trash stall inside the Swap & Sell market this Saturday at Paddy's Flemington.

One person's trash is another person's treasure.  So come and turn your stuff into cash with customers looking for all types of things that you might have otherwise given away, traded online, or sent to the charity bins. 

Paddy's Swap & Sell Market LogoThis is a great opportunity to get a stall inside the booked out Swap & Sell market to sell to all types of customers looking for something a bit different.

It's the right market for people already trading products at suburban markets and people simply looking to turn their stuff into cash. You'll be under shelter (unlike most other markets around Sydney) and our people will help you get started and make the most of the day.

Thousands of people attend the Swap & Sell market so grab a Flash Trash stall and turn your stuff into cash.

The Flash Trash Market spaces are the size of a car space being 2.4m x 3.5m.


Types of Products

A Flash Trash stall at the Swap & Sell market may include (among others) the following types of product categories: 

  • Antique or retro furniture
  • Antique jewellery
  • Classic handbags
  • Classic technology (cameras, watches, Atari etc)
  • Vintage clothing 
  • Retro household products
  • Silverware
  • Finer collectibles
  • Chinaware and glassware
  • Vintage toys
  • Aged figurines
  • plus anything else that is vintage.

You may be:

  • someone with a lot of stuff to sell
  • a person who sell things on Gumtree, Facebook and similar sites
  • someone clearing out a deceased estate
  • someone downsizing or moving
  • a new minimalist looking to clear out things from your home
  • a professional trader in antique/retro/classic products
  • a casual trader of products from online sources. 

A Flash Trash stall at Paddy's Swap & Sell on a Saturday offers:

  • huge customer traffic walking past because it's part of the established Swap & Sell market
  • a fun and exciting atmosphere
  • a great way to turn your stuff into cash
  • a great alternative to selling online to strangers
  • assistance from our experienced team to help you get started and then make the most of your experience.

Submit the enquiry form

Complete the enquiry form and one of our friendly consultants will contact you to answer any questions and help get you started with a Flash Trash stall inside the Swap & Sell market at Paddy's Flemington on a Saturday.

Complete the enquiry form and a consultant will contact you.

Sell vintage clothing at the new Paddy's Flash & Trash market
Sell antique items at the new Paddy's Flash & Trash market
Sell retro technology at the new Paddy's Flash & Trash market
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