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The only way to trade on a Saturday at Paddy's Markets Flemington.

The 'Swap and Sell' market is the one way to trade on a Saturday at Paddy's Markets Flemington.

It's Australia's largest garage sale - and you need to be here if you have anything of value to sell to the thousands of customers who arrive at Paddy's Flemington on a Saturday ready to buy.

People love a bargain and Paddy's Swap & Sell located at Paddy's Market Flemington every Saturday makes finding a bargain easy - so it's the perfect place for many traders. 

Customers come to Paddy's for the joy of finding treasures and bargain - and this is the place. Packed with all types of traders, you'll love it here - selling your products and staying busy all day. 

Forget those sleepy suburban markets - this place is ON from the very start of the day to the end. Loads of people - lots of energy - and rivers of revenue. Expect to be a busy trader if you take space here. 

The Swap and Sell Market spaces are a car space being 2.4m x 3.5m.


Sell used goods too

For a trader, Paddy's Swap & Sell market is the easiest way to make money selling your used goods. That can be all types of products from fishing rods to lawnmowers, kitchen stuff to tools.

Forget online sites - this is safe and fun

Online sites are frustrating - and potentially dangerous. You have to manage your online presence, respond to everyone, and then stay home to meet random interested people should they even turn up.

Compare that to bringing your stuff to Swap & Sell on a Saturday and trading with customers right there and then - who see your product and want to take it off your hands with cash or other product. 

It's fun, safe, busy - and a great way to spend a Saturday making some money - or clearing out your stuff. 



It's quite easy to get started 

As Australia's largest and longest-running market, we know that setting up shop has to be easy for our traders.

The Paddy's Markets team ensures we share our expertise with our traders so they can get it in, set up and start selling quickly the same day. Paddy's Markets brings the crowds, giving your stall the best chance to make money! And here's a tip: the traders at Swap & Sell who have the most success are selling what customers want.

These are often:

  • Electrical items
  • jewellery
  • tools
  • accessories for the home
  • decorations
  • men's clothing
  • women's clothing
  • and art.

Just complete the form, and one of our staff will contact you to answer any questions.