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Paddy's Markets | Haymarket

Become a stall holder at Paddy's Markets Haymarket

Paddy's Markets are located in two places: Flemington in Sydney's booming western suburbs, and Haymarket in the Sydney CBD. You can sell at one - or both. That's up to you. 

Paddy's at Haymarket have been a success and central to Sydney's history for over 125 years. They comprise all types of stall holders selling all types of contemporary products and services including food, fashion, gifts, sports wear and equipment, gadgets, artist services, boutique items, and much more in a genuine market atmosphere. 

It's busy, energised and loads of fun.

There are hundreds of stall holders and thousands of customers who come from far and wide with money in hand. The area is a destination shopping experience for locals, people from the Sydney suburbs, and tourists from overseas and other parts of Australia. 

Paddy's Haymarket offers: 

  • one of the lowest cost retail rents in the Sydney CBD
  • thousands of potential customers every day 
  • flexible rental arrangements so you can test the markets and make sure it works before committing any further
  • assistance from our experienced team to help you get started and then make the most of your experience.

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These are Sydney's largest markets. So if you're serious about growing your business, then start now by completing the form to have one of our consultants contact you to provide even more insight into the Paddy's Haymarket customer (at no cost or obligation).

They'll also advise on what options you have for stalls and even pop-up stores. We want to help you make the right decision for your business.

Complete the enquiry form and a consultant will contact you.

Paddy's Market Haymarket
Paddy's Market Haymarket
Paddy's Market Haymarket
Paddy's Market Haymarket
Paddy's Markets Haymarket


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