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Night Food Markets

Become a "Foodie" Trader at Paddy's Flemington
Night Food Markets

Australian's are riding the wave of food trends and making their social occasions all around the food experience. Over 70% of millennials would rather go to a food festival than a music festival. Australia is experiencing a Food obsession and keen to try the newest fad (poke bowls), make sure they have tasted, snapped and shared the "best hamburger ever". They will try healthy shakes (macho, anyone?) and they will be the first to "tell their friends" all about the origin of their meat/seafood and providence of their fruit and veg.

Paddy's is the largest fresh food market, and the longest running, in the Southern Hemisphere. We have literally been putting fresh produce into Australia's hands, hearts and homes for over 150 years. So in July 2017 we decided to let Australia's in on Saturday night at Paddington to experience food from passionate foodies - and the crowds came and keep on coming.

In order to deliver to this foodie obsessed audience, Paddy's is looking for traders that are obsessed with what they do as we are & our customers are. 

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