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3 Tips for Succeeding at the Markets

We know markets. We practically wrote the book on it. So we can help you get started selling in this environment.

There's plenty to think about when setting up a stall at the markets. Our account managers are here to help - so you can contact us and we will have one of them call you to answer your questions to get the most from your investment. However, while we make it easy with everything included such as power, insurance, rain cover etc, there are still things you must consider to make sure you succeed. Here are three of them: 


1. Introducing the hero of the story, the customer!

At Paddy’s, we take great pride in knowing what our customers want from their Paddy’s experience. Customers are looking for value & variety. While value tops the list, they are prepared to go out of their way to find a unique product. Whether you are a boutique products business, foodie, or artisan trader, the message is clear, you will win the customer if your stall offers something special, at a a fair value price. 

2. Make the most of the time the customer is in front of you.

Paddy’s customers spend, on average, 30 minutes and $57 per visit. Some way more. They are buying everything from fruit and veg to women’s clothing, shoes, toys through to takeaway food, homewares, knick knacks and loads more.  We know that Paddy’s is a shopping destination and by virtue of that, our shoppers are not passive. With an average most customers returning weekly – your stall offering has to deliver value and make the most of the time that you have the customer in front of you. How do you do that? Well, it is by understanding that your role is to offer great product in the first instance and update in line with what customers are looking searching for over time.


3. Being pushy remains the #1 villain 

Nine of ten Australian shoppers have been to Paddy’s at some point, and 50% say they would return. What’s more interesting is that nearly 50% of the shoppers live within 10km of the markets. They are local Sydney people, meaning geography is on your side. Knowing this means that your customer service skills can make your stall a local favourite, or a terrible choice. Treat your customers well - and they will return to you. A trader should be able to answer questions genuinely and make customers feel comfortable browsing  and returning. Pushy sales people are a no go. Be friendly. Smile. And help people find what they want - and you are most of the way to having a successful business at the markets. 

  Know your Paddy's shoppers


Paddy's is the leading market's environment for traders in Sydney. When you trade at Paddy's your; trading with some of the most successful retailers in the country. Learn from them. Build your sales skills. create merchandising skills. Compare your approach to product selection and pricing. This is real world knowledge that no university or online experience can provide you as a business owner looking to grow your business. And with over 150 years experience, and hundreds and thousands of customers through our gates, we are happy to share what we know with you - and get your business growing at Paddy's.


Topics: Tips for Traders

Written by Ned Tesic

Head Of Marketing | Sydney Markets Limited

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