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Committed to Community

Understanding the community of which you are a part will authentically link you to your customer. Selling at Paddy's helps too. 

Being a responsible commercial member of the community is critical to any business.

It's no different for Paddy's Markets. In fact, we have our own brand - and essentially that of all our traders - to look after when it comes to being a member of our community. However, all our traders are a part of their own community as well - and seek to build community around those that the markets attracts too. Here are just a few:


The growers community.

Paddy’s has been part of the Growers community from the start over 150 years ago. Paddy’s growers tend to be generational. They are passionate, knowledgeable and work tirelessly to deliver the freshest produce to their customers. These growers are fundamental to the success of the hospitality community – chefs, caterers and other businesses who rely on fresh, innovative produce from Paddy’s.

Growers take the time to understand what their Grocer wants as each suburb varies. What may be a key seller in Marrickville may not be #1 in Hunters Hill. Paddy’s grower’s and grocers have a close relationship to keep produce fresh and relevant to the communities they are part of.


Paddy's supports sporting communities and families.

Australian families love their sport. They are fans and participants who watch it live, at venues, or at home. Families do this together. Some play, some coach, some manage teams. Kids are ferried to all the local and wider community games and it is shared via social media – it is part of the national culture.

Paddy’s plays a role in bringing families together on the weekend and over school holidays via a coordinated program. It let’s the local community know what’s on and that bringing your kids can be a fun and easy option to stay local.

Here are a few more communities that Paddy's supports.

  • Paddy’s is an economy and therefore is part of political discourse that reflects community values and priorities.
  • Paddy’s is a passionate supporter of many charities that focus on health and the homeless community.
  • Paddy’s is part of the school community via the Fresh for Kid’s program. This is vital as it shapes the future.
  • At Flemington and at Haymarket, Traders are part of the local culture. The people who live and work in the surrounding area are integral to your success. Understanding them becomes a key ingredient to long term success.

To be part of the Paddy’s trader family and the community, contact us here.


Know your Paddy's shoppers


Paddy's is the leading market's environment for traders in Sydney. When you trade at Paddy's your; trading with some of the most successful retailers in the country. Learn from them. Build your sales skills. create merchandising skills. Compare your approach to product selection and pricing. This is real world knowledge that no university or online experience can provide you as a business owner looking to grow your business. And with over 150 years experience, and hundreds and thousands of customers through our gates, we are happy to share what we know with you - and get your business growing at Paddy's.

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Written by Ned Tesic

Head Of Marketing | Sydney Markets Limited

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