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4 Reasons Why Paddy’s Markets Is Good for Your Business

Successful businesses have one thing in common – customers who love their product or service.

But how do you ensure that customers find your business? If there is one thing Paddy’s continues to deliver over 150 years of trading, it’s customers through it’s gates. We care about what they want, and we listen and learn. Today we are sharing why customers are the vital ingredient to success and four reasons why Paddy’s is good for your business.


1. Customers Are the First Step to Success

We know that small business owners are highly motivated. Every decision is made with one intention – to create a successful business. Before becoming Paddy’s traders, many small businesses have tried selling from home, at garage sales, online, and at temporary locations like market stalls, pop up’s, craft, food and farmers markets. Their purpose? To put their business in the path of customers.

Customers are the ultimate game maker.

Paddy’s traders sleep well at night knowing we have their backs. Our purpose is to bring customers to the them. It’s hard to miss Paddy’s on radio, TV, online, on social media, newspapers, sponsoring events and supporting communities and charities. Paddy’s is an economy and an influence, and the people of NSW want to know what is going on at Paddy’s.


2. The Right Time, The Right Place, The Right Mindset

Paddy’s has thousands of visitors coming through its doors prepared to buy. Because we care about our customers and our traders, we match the right traders on ground on the right days. We have an experienced account management team that can answer questions and help you decide the best days to book a long-term stall.

A case in point is the pickled fefferoni stallholder - for a foodie business the best days are the Fresh Food market days like Friday and Saturday or when crowds arrive for the Food Truck Night. This is when customers are primed to explore tasty new foodie flavours. Another example is the smartphone charger-pad trader. If your business is tech based then there is no better venue than Haymarket during the week to get that tech hunting city crowd.

Speaking with the Paddy’s team will determine when to set up your market stall so your tech, furniture, art, gem or any other business is in the right place at the right time.


3. You Only Get One Chance to Make A First Impression

Just like the above, this is a golden rule. You have the opportunity to give your market stall a personality. How you choose to set up, your signage, the way product is displayed will determine how you pull the attention of shoppers. Customers need to feel they have discovered something special or landed on just the thing they were looking for; your mission is to make this easy to spot and enticing for them to walk over to your market stall.

A recommendation that will help you achieve this is to make sure that your set up is distinctive for repeat customers, so they can easily identify you, this can be done via colour and how your position your product. While being consistent is important, always include an element of surprise and delight - so that there is a reason to return. This could be as simple as letting customers know that new stock arrives next week or including a gift with purchase or an experience at your stall.


4. Less Is More

This applies to your product mix and, believe it or not, your customer service. Paddy’s customers love to discover. It's better to offer one great product than several poor choices. Don’t dilute a great product offering by surrounding it with less desirable stuff. The same philosophy of ‘less is more’ can also be applied to customer service.

A customer should enjoy their time at your stall.

It sounds counter intuitive, but it is very true. Don’t be pushy. If you have followed Steps 1 and 2 then you are in the right place at the right time with customers who are in the right frame of mind to buy. Your stall set up is drawing customers in and now it is all about you. Cue a great smile, eye contact, a friendly approachable, style. Do be knowledgeable and always helpful… but never, ever pushy.

  Know your Paddy's shoppers


Paddy's is the leading market's environment for traders in Sydney. When you trade at Paddy's your; trading with some of the most successful retailers in the country. Learn from them. Build your sales skills. create merchandising skills. Compare your approach to product selection and pricing. This is real world knowledge that no university or online experience can provide you as a business owner looking to grow your business. And with over 150 years experience, and hundreds and thousands of customers through our gates, we are happy to share what we know with you - and get your business growing at Paddy's.


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Written by Ned Tesic

Head Of Marketing | Sydney Markets Limited

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