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3 Lessons From Great Business Leaders

These days, businesses must compete for customers attention and learn quickly to solve customers needs. Learning means adapting and adapting gives you a competitive advantage.

But how do you ensure that customers find your business? If there is one thing Paddy’s continues to deliver over 150 years of trading, it’s customers through it’s gates. We care about what they want, and we listen and learn. Today we are sharing why customers are the vital ingredient to success and four reasons why Paddy’s is good for your business.


1. Love What You Do - Steve Jobs

This simple philosophy is paraphrased from Steve Jobs, who of course went on to create the icon that has become the iPhone. He also was one of the people behind the much-loved Toy Story franchise. He lived and breathed this philosophy and during his time Apple & Pixar reigned supreme.

Being self employed means wearing different hats. Some of these hats you love, and some may make you wish you were working for someone else. There are countless studies, blogs and social media reminders that tell us that loving what you do makes you happy. Happiness affects health and being healthy is vital to productivity and long term success. When a challenge is thrown your way this happiness, health, productivity equation means you are more motivated and primed than competitors to overcome them. They are focused in the wrong area and are too tired and burdened to be able to win.

For a business owner, staying motivated starts with loving what you do but may also mean surrounding yourself with people who can do the parts you aren’t so good at (and don’t love as much).  Outsourcing means you can devote more time to the core business, the parts that generate most return.We had a think about outsourcing options available to small businesses so that you can continue to do what you love:


2. Minimise Risks – Warren Buffett

Considered one of the greatest investors in the world with a net worth over $87+ billion. Warren Buffett minimised risk by never investing all his money in the one place. He is also recognised for knowing more about his company (or one he wants to buy) than anyone else. Knowledge minimised risk.

It makes sense that small business owners may know everything about their own business – it’s just the next step that starts to baffle. What to do next, to grow and to not make a mistake? If we follow Warren Buffett’s rule, you must start with having a couple of revenue sources, for example an online business and a market stall. Two baskets equals decreased risk.

If knowledge is power then it is equally important to keep learning, asking questions from those with experience or employee people who are experts in those area’s. If you’d like to learn more about Warren Buffett watch HBO’s ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’.


3. Employees are #1’ - Richard Branson

Branson’s lesson sounds controversial. The conventional wisdom is that ‘the customer is always right’ or more simply, that the customer is #1. When we delve a little deeper into his philosophy, we start to learn a valuable lesson from the boss of Virgin.

Most small businesses aspire to grow. With growth comes the need for employee’s. To stay successful, we need to hire people who will share our vision and trust them to treat our customers right. At this point, Branson’s vision starts to make a whole lot of sense because he says we must treat our employees how we expect them to treat our best customers.

With that, there is little wonder that Branson is often named as Best Boss in the world and that customers love the Virgin brand. To keep reading about Richard Branson, try ‘Losing My Virginity’ or ‘Finding My Virginity’ or countless others about this inspiring leader. Help your business meet its full potential and win the attention of customers by booking a stand at Paddy’s.

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Paddy's is the leading market's environment for traders in Sydney. When you trade at Paddy's your; trading with some of the most successful retailers in the country. Learn from them. Build your sales skills. create merchandising skills. Compare your approach to product selection and pricing. This is real world knowledge that no university or online experience can provide you as a business owner looking to grow your business. And with over 150 years experience, and hundreds and thousands of customers through our gates, we are happy to share what we know with you - and get your business growing at Paddy's.


Written by Ned Tesic

Head Of Marketing | Sydney Markets Limited

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