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Clear Your Stock at Paddy's Markets Flemington Friday

Clear your stock
to clear your mind.

Paddy's Markets is a great place to clear our excess and ageing stock.

Take a stall on a Friday and ask to be located in the Clearance Sale section found within the big market at Paddy's Market Flemington every Friday.

This market is designed for shoppers with money to spend wanting to "Bag a Bargain" from a wide range of retailers and wholesalers all in the one place. It's a great way to reduce your prices1 and clear your stock without impacting your online or physical retail store business.

Scroll down for more details.

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Your prices are determined by you. Paddy's Markets does not dictate pricing for our traders. The option to discount is your business decision and in no way forms a directive or business advice.

Clear Your Stock Fast

Book a Pop-Up Stall. Clearance Sale Day.
Fridays at Flemington. Enquire Below.

Enquire here.

Complete this enquiry form and one of our friendly consultants will call you
to answer your questions. No obligations. Let's discuss your options.


One market.
Thousands of customers.

Friday at Paddy's Market Flemington is a destination experience made by shoppers wanting to bag a bargain. We're promoting the Clearance Sale market within the market. That gives you a chance to clear excess or ageing inventory without having to worry about advertising costs or dropping prices publicly online or in-store. You bring your product and we'll bring the customers. Our promotional activity will be delivered across our highly visited social media sites, targeted social influencers, and our consumer website. 

It's the one market you will not want to miss every Friday every week at Paddy's Market Flemington. Shoppers will arrive in groups, as shopping expeditions, tourists, locals, university students, and anyone else looking to bag a bargain. Paddy's Market Flemington is located in the centre of Sydney and frequented by all types of people. It's under cover and so able to operate rain, hail or shine. There's plenty of free parking, buses and the train station a short walk next door.

So complete the enquiry form and let's connect to see how the Clearance Sale Friday market could suit you to clear ageing or excess stock.  

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Make Fridays Stock Clearance Day

  • Use Paddy's Market Flemington Friday as your clearance sales channel opportunity to clear excess and ageing inventory
  • Flemington Friday is our market that provides retailers and wholesalers with a clearance sales channel opportunity similar to that of the discount malls - except without the high rent and long term lease commitments
  • No need to open a clearance store or discount your prices online or in-store (which can hurt your business reputation)
  • Paddy's is giving you the opportunity to clear this excess and ageing stock at Flemington Markets on a Friday 
  • This will bring shoppers that are ready to buy
  • Great rates and all the help you need to get started
  • Retailers and wholesalers large and small are all welcome
  • It's a great way to try the markets as a discount or clearance sales channel for your business
  • Friendly staff ready to help
  • You bring the product, we'll bring the shoppers. 

Paddy's Market Flemington Fridays

  • Our markets at Flemington are located alongside the famous Sydney Markets (where cafes and restaurants from across Sydney and beyond get their produce every day)
  • Paddy's Market Flemington offers customers convenient FREE PARKING on the grounds (so they can load up their cars easily)
  • Flemington train station is also right next door
  • The market attracts people looking to shop on their days off, as well as university students, retirees, shopping groups and hundreds of residents from the surrounding suburbs looking to grab a bargain
  • Click here to read more about Flemington Fridays