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Flemington Foodie

Become a "Foodie" Trader at Paddy's Flemington 

Paddy's is Australia's largest and longest running market with over 125 years success. These days, everyday Australians are obsessed with all things food. Cooking shows are #1 on television, food holds the #1 spot on social media and Australians proudly think of themselves as 'foodies'.

Paddy's traders have a history as trusted grower families who have been obessed with Food since 1834. In 2018, we open this community and welcome new foodie traders to have a retail stand and reach food obsessed customers.

We Know What Customers Want and How Your Business Can Have Success 

Paddy's will share the ingredients to success, all you have to do is follow one simple rule to get started. If you are proud of your foodie business and you are NOT a raw seafood, fruit, veg or meat trader - welcome to Paddy's. Customers are often after sauces, condiments, craft products, any food accompaniment - getting started is easy.

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